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Site Supervision

What is Site Supervision?

Site supervision means the general direction, coordination and oversight of the on-site work processes.

Construction Site Supervision and Quality Control. Building construction projects require professional supervision to ensure that the construction work is executed with a high level of quality and matches all agreed plans, drawings and designs. ...

Who will provide Site Supervision?

Site Supervision, is practiced and done by professionals like Civil Engineers & Architects. These can be done through Contractors as well.

Why Do You Need Site Supervision?

Roles & Responsibility Of MMH In Site Supervision

  • MMH acts as a project management team for your project and supervise your site.
  • The site of your project doesn’t matter but your trust that you have in us does.
  • Civil Engineers, Architects and Associates from the relevant field carry out the site supervision for your projects. These associates and engineers are our trusted team of people dedicated mainly for your requirements.
  • MMH associates sends a detailed report of your site to MMH, which is then checked and approved for further procedures.
  • We have a dedicated team for after sales services and support

Terms and condition from client side

  • Client is responsible for any further payments if, he demands for more site visit from our executives apart from above mention site visits.
  • Any changes in execution part , apart from the MMH drawings and design ,will lead towards cliental responsibility, in any case changes might be consider if MMH site executive and MMH head office mutually permit for same.
  • MMH site supervisor is an associate member of MMH which might be a locality or a nearby residence of your area, but appointed by MMH head office only for site supervision under a proper MMH format and constantly monitored by the MMH head office. In any case MMH does not promote for the complete execution from the same site supervisor ,rather it would be cliental choice.
  • MMH site supervisor is bonded with a contract for the site visits and site supervision and thus he would be guided to his work scope and schedule for the same.

Terms and condition from site supervisor side

  • Site supervisor is responsible for every change, correction, material quality analysis and construction techniques analysis on the site, if in any case site supervisor fail to respond accordingly he is eligible for a penalty in form of monitory or blacklisting.
  • Site supervisor is responsible to update D.P.R (daily progress report) or W.P.R(weekly progress report) according to the site requirement, which will be strictly monitored by the MMH project manager/engineer.
  • Any changes on site only due to cliental requirement, site condition and construction requirement will be entertained by the MMH head office and final on site changes will be mutually decided by the MMH head office and site supervisor.
  • Site supervisor is allowed for the same site execution but this would be mutual decision of the client and MMH head office. Site supervisor is not suppose to use the name of “Make My” for his personal interest.
  • Site supervisor should hold a proper responsibility for all drawing privacy. in any case these drawings are considered as MMH property and will be considered as a legal offence if it is used without prior intimation to head office.